September 15

How to Make a Bedroom More Rustic or Western


In part 2 of this series, we’re continuing the spirit of room redecoration with a theme in mind. As our love of the past is often romanticized, room themes follow closely behind. Western themes and rustic bedrooms are getting quite popular again. Here is what you can do to make your bedroom into a rustic or western themed design.

Wood beams

Overhead wood beams simple make any room look more rustic and old fashioned. There are many DIY kits that you can order online or from home improvement centers. The most realistic wooden beams are the ones you make yourself. Youtube videos show you how simple they are to make and weather-down. These beams can be attached to the ceiling and add depth to any room.

These hanging beams are essentially hollow planks that are glued together. You can add scratches and texture by scrubbing it down with a rough wire disc on a drill or a BBQ scrubber. After that, you use wood stains to bring out the deep grain and light brown paint dry-brushed on for the high lights.

Wooden walls

If you look at log cabins or rustic interiors, you’ll see that the walls are covered with various horizontal wood slats. All of these have plaster sandwiched in between the gaps which were how walls could be sealed. Other times the walls have neatly laid vertical wooden boards that are all different colors and textures. This is somewhat like an early wood paneling but more rustic looking.

For these methods, you’ll need to find real wood that’s cut from a tree or cut down using reciprocating long blades. A Sawzall cutting machine works best for this to get rounded edges on rectangular pieces of wood. Vertical strips can be stained in different colors to get colorful wood panel effects too.

Hanging lamps

What rustic bedroom isn’t complete without an authentic hanging lamp that looks the part. Some people like transforming a wooden wagon wheel into a hanging lamp design but the easiest would be to DIY the lamp yourself. To get the rustic look, you can use natural wood materials or something that is made from metal. The more aged-down it looks the more authentic it will look in return.

Especially if you use thick chains that are hung from the ceiling that gives it more of a hand-made look. If you like the look of animal horns or antlers, they sell faux antlers made from a plastic resin that looks 100% real. These can be built into the hanging lamp to have a very cowboy-like atmosphere.

Stone or brick fireplace

More and more we’re seeing artificial fireplace mantles built into a bedroom. These are constructed with a wood base for the mantle and then fake stones or bricks are glued over the top. You might get clever and add a real grout to attach the stones or use a universal adhesive instead. The grout can be added later by mixing a bit of sand into universal adhesive and applied in between the stones using a hand trowel.

Inside the fireplace, you can purchase a realistic fire effect that completes the illusion. Many of the newest models for fake fire use water vapor to simulate flames and smoke. These also come with crackling sound effects that add to the rustic look of your fireplace.

Faux animal skins

Real animal hide skin is rare and pretty expensive. If you want to include animal hide for decoration on the walls or for the floor or bed, faux is the way to go. The realism of fake fur has gotten a lot better over the years. They have totally convincing cowhide rugs that are very believable and inexpensive. There are even buffalo hides that are especially impressive. These days, real animal skins get a lot of heat from animal advocates.

By using a good replacement you can get the look you want without being judged unfairly. And the best part is that they can be tossed in the washing machine if they get dirty. Rustic bedrooms will look just the right part when you add a big throw rug that completes any western theme. The more skins you have, the more authentic your room design can eventually look.


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