February 22

How to Host a BBQ Without a Backyard, Indoors


Not many of us are lucky enough to have a living space that includes a built-in backyard. In recent years, we’re seeing a growing trend of living in apartments and townhouses that are semi-detached. This can give you all the comfort of home which sometimes includes an exterior deck, but you can’t really BBQ without a backyard. Here I’ll provide some helpful tips on how you can use a kitchen or small patio space to host a BBQ, even without a traditional grill.

The downside of apartment living

There are fewer and fewer opportunities for those who are younger to find a rental property that includes a front and backyard. Unlike the days when parents or grandparents owned homes, this obviously included backyard parties with friends and family making BBQ on an outdoor grill. Yet somehow in recent decades apartments and townhouses could occupy properties more efficiently than individual houses.

This was especially more popular in bigger cities, where jobs paid better and there were plenty of cheaper spaces meant for day-to-day living. And though these spaces were smaller, we’ve covered many articles on how to make your living space feel more like home. That is until you consider that the option of having a BBQ party is strictly off the table. Or is it? When you have limited space for a grill party, here are some excellent ideas that will work.

Use creative decorations

backyard style decoration in room

With every other home decor trick you can use, it’s very simple to create a backyard feeling using simple props and decorations. Reserve a section of any room that can be transformed into a backyard setting by adding the kinds of reminders that we often see in a backyard. Line your walls with mock fences and drape sparkle lights along the edge. You can easily add fake grass that is purchased from home improvement centers that looks like a real lawn too.

There are even galaxy star machines that can make a darkened room look bigger with carefully placed lanterns and a starry-looking sky. Remove as much real furniture to make more room and add seating that gives outdoor patio vibes. The more you get creative with using visual tricks to simulate a backyard, no matter how silly they might look always looks better with careful and creative lighting.

Take advantage of technology

Smoking meat with smoke gun

Use your kitchen to its full advantage by learning how to use an indoor electric grill and other gadgets. Most indoor kitchens have an oven vent that will pull away general smoke or fumes, but let’s be honest- everyone loves the smell of smoky barbecues. This is where you can use a standard electric grill and a portable smoker gun to add smoky flavor to any food you prepare. These items don’t cost very much at all and are excellent choices for making BBQ flavors indoors.

Transform your patio deck

decorated patio deck

If you do have an outdoor deck it probably doesn’t fit more than a couple people at a time. But this is a good place to make a theme, so guests can get some fresh air. The room where this deck is connected can also be decorated so perhaps the doorway should be decorated similar to a gazebo. Always remember that small decorative touches make the most impact, so even lights on strings and outdoor-themed lanterns will help set the right mood.

If you can afford a small budget, buy some cheap patio chairs to put out on this deck to help complete a backyard feel.


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