November 3

Christmas Decoration Ideas For Him


It’s not exactly the most popular time of the year for men when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, but every guy does share certain sentiments of what the X-mas holiday is all about. If you want to inspire a classic Christmas feeling that will get approval from your significant other, these décor tips will never fail to impress.

Every Man Has A Bit Of Kid Left In Them

Santa Claus setting up Christmas Tree

It’s hard to imagine that there isn’t a guy left on this planet that doesn’t hold a special place for Christmas even if they don’t share it openly. Sure, the veil is lifted and everyone knows that Santa Claus isn’t a real person… But then again, it’s all about triggering certain memories that bring back that magical quality of what Christmas is all about, and I’m talking about the magic of decorations.

Nothing gets right down to the heart of the Christmas season without the element of surprise. After all, ole Saint Nick could deliver all of those presents in a single night right? Well, that is pretty much the idea that you want to start with, but before you start, you do need to know what kinds of decorations will spark your better half’s interest. Here are some great tips that never get old and always bring back holiday memories.

Twinkling Christmas Lights

Christmas lights aren’t what they used to be since they don’t feel like heavy electrical cables like the ones that you remember as a kid. Today’s modern Christmas lights are very lightweight and heavily modernized with LED lighting. These newer varieties can color change and even synchronize to music! But putting up Christmas lights might sound like it’s still pretty tough if you’ve never put up house lights before…

Thankfully, with a bit of help from a friend or an assisting family member, the exterior of your home can be transformed fairly quickly and with impressive lighting abilities. After all is said and done, the visual impact of twinkling lights across your home is often the envy of every other neighbor on the block, especially when the lights are done with taste and don’t look as if you’re recreating Times Square in NYC!

Deck The Halls Décor

Doorways are always a great place to decorate since you can make these rectangular shapes appear a lot like a wrapped-up present. It used to be pretty common that the decorative trim that goes around a doorway would make any ordinary room appear special. Luckily, this idea still works when you’re decorating with ribbons, lights, and plenty of colorful tinsel Garland. You’ll also do well with holiday wreaths above each door as an extra décor touch.

Be sure to hang sections that bring out more of the overhead portion of the door to make these doorways appear larger than they really are. The idea here is that doorways always appeared bigger to a little kid, which is the magical part you can inspire out of your partner’s memory.

A Magical Christmas Tree

It’s not as practical (these days) to cut down a real tree these days since there are so many climate-sensitive folks out there. But honestly, the realism of how the newest artificial trees from National Tree Company and Balsam Hill are looking is pretty darn close! The real secret is going to find all of the quirky ornaments that will be worth spotting so this is one aspect of trimming the tree that might take a while to finish if you do it yourself.

Christmas trees always have more appeal with lots and lots of lights, so don’t spare on getting as much sparkle as you can put within this major detail. Thanks to LED lights, you won’t have to worry about the heat buildup or electricity bill going through the roof since these lights use such ultra-low voltage.

Decorations He Can Relate To

It could take a little digging or a lot of coaxing, but finding out what makes your man interested in Christmas is only a matter of personal interest. It can be his favorite film or quirky concept that puts all of the finishing touches on decorations he’ll love to see. It’s now become more fitting that major box office hits like Star Wars or beloved TV series like Star Trek have Christmas ornament appeal too.

Even if they have a collection of items that have a deep meaning for them, these areas and objects should get the Christmas spirit likewise. Guys don’t tend to like decorating so much but when they see their favorite items and objects are celebrating the holidays, they can’t help but feel like a kid again. And isn’t this what everyone usually loves about this time of the year.


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