July 17

Cupcake Cones… Summer Styling


Howdy, Loves!
Hope everyone is staying cool, and enjoying the sunnier days this summer!
It’s been very hot and humid, but TODAY, with no weather expectations,
mother nature looks like RAIN, and WE love it!
“mostly cause, we get to bake’.

Coned Cupcakes on table

This year, we decided to conserve a bit and have AC on one floor, instead of 
exploring the “billing” system, with cooling all three of our floors! Yup, the new
house features, three layers, instead of our traditional ‘one’ we where
accustomed to, and YEA, it’s been tasking! I’ll share more in a 
fun ‘new house digs’ post sometime soon! For now, 
lets BAKE while the weather permits!!

I know most people have already tried this, but I felt REALLY silly enjoying photo’s, and 
reading up on the various fun idea’s to explore with “baked goodies in cones’! ..
I felt SO blonde (I hate that term, as blondes DO have more fun!, I just 
dyed my hair! whomp!).. How did I miss out on this aspect of life for 
SO long?!? Anyway, its a home trend starting now that’s here to stay! 
For those of you feeling like I was not knowing 
about this, here’s my journey to “baking cupcakes, 
the coned way’ i’m loving!

Cupcakes in cones Idea

How To
1. Make the batter for the cupcakes.
Use a cake mix or your favorite scratch cake recipe. 
Prepare the batter as per directions.
{For more of a fun mixture, use funfetti!}

2. Unwrap the ice cream cones slowly, being careful to not damage 
them as you remove  plastic coverings. Place each empty 
cone in a muffin tin, one per ungreased muffin cup.
(you can space out if you’d like to avoid clashing while baking!)

Empty cone Heads

3. Pick up and fill each cone. Replace each cone in its muffin cup.
Leave a little room at the top for expansion (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch).

Cones ready for the oven

Do not overfill the ice cream cones with batter. Fill right to the first 
line inside cone – the portion a lil below the rim. Aim for cupcakes 
which do not overflow the cones. These will be more 
attractive and will be easier to frost. 

Bake according to cake batter instructions.
Bake for the same length of time you would bake regular cupcakes.

Prepare frosting / sprinkles while baking is in session.
Allow to cool after cupcakes are ready before frosting.

Cones Fresh out of the Oven

Frost as decoratively as you like! We simply mixed up some color’s, and went
crazy with our sprinkles of choice! The kids REALLy enjoyed
the simple idea of cupcakes in cones!

Baked goodies in cones

We added ice cream to a few, and enjoyed our
new FAV summer treats! Yummmmm!

Hope you come again, and also get to try out this fun recipe!
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