September 16

It’s Officially FALL CRAWL Day 1!!!


Hello artsy friends stopping in today, how was your weekend?
It’s been a fun and lovely weekend on this end as we got to celebrate LIFE!
80 years of a beautiful woman I call Nanny Norma!! So much fun and love
in the air, I can’t wait to share some fun and creative DIY centerpieces &
artsy party creations I made for her day!! Stay tuned!!

Fall Paper Pumpkins on table


I am beyond excited to indulge and share in this full on series of fall inspirational
crafts, recipes and so much more bloomed by the season.. Each day, myself and
all the ladies involved in the crawl will share a DIY tutorial on a fall inspired
item we created. We will also note where we are along the line and what’s
featured at the blogger of the day’s creative space per a sneak peak picture.

This will be a great way for you to follow us along as we share our fall inspiration
each day via our blog posts..All you have to do is head on over, enjoy our daily fall
inspired item and certainly show some love in a comment or two :))
If it makes you smile….it’s inspiration, grasp it…

I’m going to share a list of all the bloggers below my post and where you can find
each one per their respective blogs. Please check back for updates on where to
find us as we crawl and blog hop all around and usher in the fall!! I’m first
along the hop, so here we go.. Yiippppeee..


Fall Paper Pumpkins on table

My fall inspirational item is one of my favorites I’ve made in a while. It’s
simple, budget friendly and a very creative fun craft to share with the family. I saw a
photo on pinterest awhile ago and decided it was a MUST have around the house
for this fall.. Kick back and lets create some word filled paper pumpkins..

Artsy Items Needed
An old tattered book (we seem to have more and more
now that Lil Sia has joined the family! She LOVES to
tear rather than read. Finding a book was EASY…)
Drift Wood
Glue gun
Spray Paint
(Krylon- Pumpkin Orange)
Scrap paper
(to use as template for drawing)
Gold string optional

Lets Whip Up A Pumpkin
Draw out a pumpkin shape out of a piece of scrap paper.
I sketched out one & folded my paper in half after cutting out
the shape allowing it to become symmetrical.

Scrap paper pumpkin shape

Remove the outer cover of the book you choose to use and place on
the pumpkin cutout pattern  with the fold along the binding edge.
(If it’s not as fitting as you desire, simply trim it a bit)

Trace out your pattern with a pencil onto the book.

Trace pattern onto book

You should now be ready to cut out your pumpkin. Use an exacto knife
if you have one, a pair of scissors worked for me but it was a bit tough to
get through and I remembered my knife too late into it to back out. I got
through a good lump of pages at a time easily. (You can cut out batches 
of pumpkin templates, so don’t pull your hair out trying to cut out 
ONE batch from the book in one seating. Take your time, cut out
batches and glue them all together afterwards.)

Cutting pattern with scissor

After carefully cutting all the way around, remove the excess
pages over to the binding, it should tear off fairly easily.
Trace out more and cut out as many pages as you can,
e pages, the fuller your pumpkin.

After removing Excess pages

Once all your pages are cut out, place a thin strip of glue on the
binding sides and glue them all together in a circular shape
(each binding side inwards). When you stand your
pumpkin up, it’ll look similar to this at that point.

Binding sides Inwards

It’s now time for FUN & FLUFF!! Go around your pumpkin and fluff out
all the pages. It might take sometime (I popped on a movie and fluffed
away..) & fluffed…& fluffed…Oh yea & fluffed some more!! Whew!
After all that fluffing, your pumpkin should look like this!!
(If you have spaces, fluff more or cut out some more from your book for fillers)

Final look after binding

Now it’s time for COLOR!!! I went to home depot and picked up
a can of orange Krylon spray paint. The cool thing I realized later was,
in a hurry to get OUT the store before I went shop craze, I didn’t
even notice the paint was called “Pumpkin Orange”.. How sweet!
Spray your pumpkin lightly all around in coats until you have the
perfect shading to your liking, I wanted a more orange look to mine
as I planned on sitting it on a piece of light wood  in the kitchen.

Spray paint on pumpkin

After spray painting, allow to dry for a a few hours. I fluffed out the
pages some more as a few stuck together due to the paint. To add a final
look of fall to my pumpkin, I inserted a piece of driftwood from the yard
to the middle. I used some glue to insert the wood into the middle of
my pumpkin. This part is a bit tricky so take your time as to not rip
your pages as you try to insert the wood. VOILA!!

Inserted a piece of driftwood

I wrapped a piece of gold string I found in my craft draw for a touch
of added color & jazz around the part of my wood that meets the pages.
(I’ve seen a lot more with ribbons, but I loved the simplicity of the
string much more, use a ribbon and decide which looks best for you)

Pumpkin on wood piece

ALL DONE!!! I made a few to share with my neighbors with a cute note
attached saying “Ushering in the fall” .. They thought it was absolutely
darling.. What do you think..? I love how easy this tutorial is and how
fantastic it will be to involve your little helpers. They’ll love it!!

Paper Pumpkin on wood piece

Thanks so much for stopping in today. Please visit the lovely
blogger’s below per this timeline to follow our FALL CRAWL as we
hop around each day sharing our fall festivities with you.

Tomorrow we head on over to see
the Lovely Kellie from A Glimpse Of My Life


Fall Crawl Schedule
Sept 20th – Kellie –
Sept 21st – Letty –
Sept 22nd – Lorie –
Sept 23rd – Abby –
Abby’s will also include our 1st blog hop Linky Party
Sept 24th Tracy –
Sept 25th – Kimba –
Sept 26th – Jacqueline –
Sept 27th – Jillian –
Sept 28th – Kim&Lars
Sept 29th – DEIA
Sept 30th – Meli –
October 1st – Renee –
Renee’s will be our Second blog hop /Linky Party
October 2nd – Giveaway & thanks to all that joined us in on the crawl!

Grab a button & spread the word.. Hope you can tune in and fall into fall with all
of us as we usher in the season with our lovely crafts, recipes and so much more..

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Follow along…. Happy Monday… ~Stay Artsy~

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