September 12

How to Make a Room More Vintage


In part two of this DIY design theme, it’s hard to narrow down a stale that never gets old. Redesigning a room is all about what you put into it rather than what comes out. Depending on the style you choose, this can be as simple as redressing the items you have already. In this case, we present the ideal concept of Vintage design. As you’ll find, this is more fun since the era you select reflects your personality and love for collecting.

The essence of Vintage room design

What was your favorite decade that reminds you of the past? Was it the pop culture of the late 60s and early 70s? What makes the vintage look work so well is the innovation to use nearly anything new, but has an element of vintage already. The only thing you’ll need to do is add a few finishing touches with aging things down a bit. Here’s what you can expect to see in a Vintage DIY design room.

Mixed and matched items

This is your main choice of select items that need to be a specific era that you like the most. If it follows a decade later but fits-in, this is fine too. All of the items you collect that come from that era can also be reproductions or recent copies. These days you can find classic reproductions and decorations on Amazon or eBay very easily. This sets the stage for the kinds of vintage collections you want to showcase.

The rest of the items in your room should follow a different path that further gives reason to why they are there. But for the most part, you don’t need to go overboard on the amount you have in your room. Too much stuff tends to look cluttered, and don’t forget you have to dust-off these items from time to time. Give yourself some breathing space where that balance can take off.

Shapes and forms

The best way to describe this is a container that can be opened or is a box that is made from wood. It should fit with the era you choose but not the packaging that it came from. It needs to look like your vintage item lives in that container. It sounds silly, but gadgets, trinkets, and toys need a backstory. Where did it come from and why is it inside a wooden box, open basket, or decorative crate? Only you can create these answers.

It might be from other items you find that’s an open dollhouse, or from a repurposed DIY closet cabinet. Create shelves and spaces within old cabinets to fit the style of your favorite era. Also, keep in mind that your favorite items need to have a vintage look. Everything will eventually look worn down with significant age. With a bit of scruffy paint here and there, you can make nearly anything look vintage-looking.

Material contrast and patterns

To continue with the overall look of your room, you need some furniture accents that include pillows and throw rugs that reflect different textures. The wider the texture and open a mesh appears to be given plenty of contrast and pattern to add to your furniture. Throw pillows that have a burlap sack-like texture are excellent for this effect. Reflect back on the styles of that era you choose with fabric textures of that decade.

Throw blankets, cushions, and rugs can all have a hint that your room is part of a traveling record of history. Curtains should reflect these aspects too, but with a finer degree of style from that period. You will need some new curtain rods that follow the same style you’re running with. Don’t forget that standing lamps and hanging lights all need to fit into this period as well.

Neutral tones with color bursts

As mentioned before, you want to keep your color scheme balanced. This is why colorful items can be toned down with neutral tones. Anything that houses your decorations is obviously a neutral color opposite to the item itself. You’ll need to make some painting correction using a color wheel. Bright red colors can be housed inside washed-out green boxes. The closer you match the opposite color with some aging accents, the better it looks.

Not only do you have the perfect stage to show off your decorations, but you’ll also have great stories to tell for others. This does take a bit of creativity but essentially you want to display your items with a vintage charm attached to it. The bottom line is things inside decorative boxes always look more interesting. The more creative the better, so items like a birdcage or old-style postal box are good suggestions too.

Flea market vintage charm

Unlike the old days when you could spend hours at the flea market finding stuff, these have been sadly replaced. Now you have the internet where anything and everything can be bought and sold online. Well, in a way the flea market feel is sites like eBay make the shopping experience a bit similar. Only with auction sites like this, you might be competing with others for an item.

The secret to finding all the best flea market items these days is looking at resale shops. Vintage shops are fine but they’ll charge an arm and a leg for the real thing. You can find plenty of online shops that all make reproductions that are often better than the original! But if you have the money to get your hands on the real deal, you’re a lucky one. Vintage items can be costly, but if you’re smart, you can save yourself with a good looking copy.


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