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Let’s go back to the backyard for yet another romp in the garden. This time, the emphasis on DIY ideas is focusing on entertaining friends and family and using ideas that you can build yourself. The best part is that many of the items used here can be repurposed items you may already have.

Backyard Bar Hideaway Idea

shoes in shoe rack

If you own a shoe organizer cabinet that has folding shelves, this can be easily turned into a convenient hideaway bar. You’ll need to attach this shelf using a couple of screws at the top edge so it doesn’t fall over. The advantage of turning a shoe organizer turned a minibar is that bottles of wine and liquor will fit into each shelf. This can turn any evening party into an organized event that gives everyone a variety to choose from what they’ll like to enjoy.

The Old Door Turned into a Fold-Down Table

food plate placed on table

If you have an old door that’s stashed away in your garage or basement somewhere, then you’ve got an instant table that can be installed in your backyard. You’ll need a pair of decent hinges that need to be attached to the leading edge so the door will lift up from a fence or the side of your house to become an instant table. You’ll also need to add brace blocks so you can add wedges that are angled underneath the door helping to prop it up.

Outdoor Chalk Message Board

man hand on drywall sheets

If you have leftover drywall, this can be repurposed to become an outdoor message chalkboard. All you need is to take an old picture frame and cut the drywall to fit inside the picture frame. The drywall needs to be painted with chalkboard paint and the picture frame can have colorful paint on the outside of the frame. You’ll need to add an empty vegetable tin that is hung nearby so it can hold colored chalk.

Tuna can Tiki Lamps

closed and open tuna can

What you’ll need for this is empty tuna cans, paint roller sticks or broomsticks, and some decorative candle votives to fit inside the tuna cans. You’ll need to cut the broomstick so they’re 2 or three feet long and place a copper adapter on the end of the wood. The copper adapter is just a decorative addition but you’ll use a small nail to attach the tuna can onto the end of your broomstick. This can be painted a solid color and sunk into your lawn.

It can also go into a large potted plant if the stick is supported with at least 6-8 inches in the soil. After this you place your lit candle inside the votive into the tuna can base. If you’re worried about having real candles burning, you can add tea light LED candles.

Fruit Crate Rolling Service Bar

oranges in fruit crate

If you have 3 or 4 fruit crates lying around you can turn them into a DIY rolling service tray with bins that hold snacks and cold drinks. You’ll need to cut the side of each crate so you can reach inside each crate level. These planks need to be sawed off using a hand saw and then sand these, so there aren’t any rough edges. Each crate needs to be nailed together so the entire structure is sturdy to stand on its own.

On the very bottom of your fruit crate, you’ll want to add a flat piece of wood that can have rolling caster wheels on each corner. You can even add some push or pull handles on the sides of your rolling service table. Each level can then hold serving trays for cups and party supplies. The very top of your service bar should have a decorative tray lid to act as a drink holder or serving top for your guests.

In Closing

We hope this gives you a better idea for more creative DIY ideas for your backyard. These projects are better when you have open ideas about turning old junk or leftover things around your house. The best way to repurpose items around your house is to find a second life that old objects can be reinvented into. If you are creative, you can easily make these projects to make your backyard much more entertaining and interactive.


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