September 7

DIY Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard


As the seasons change, no doubt the holidays will be on your mind for decorating the front yard of your home. This is all up to you, but you might live in a neighborhood that is very active in the holiday season. Now, aside from that, that’s why I’m not talking about front yard decorating here. I would rather tell you why your backyard is always the perfect place for some outdoor DIY creative design plans.

What kind of DIY outdoor designs should I make?

Your backyard is much more private than the front yard for obvious reasons. You don’t have cars rolling by with snoopy neighbors wondering what you’re doing. Block parties are fine but they lack the intimate get-together feeling with friends and family. This is why a backyard can be the perfect place to prioritize that feeling. Not to say that there aren’t some ground rules to prepare your backyard. You’ll see why these are so important.

1) Increase your privacy

I know you can’t choose your neighbors, since this is a fact of living with those immediately next to you. You have fences that separate your yard from theirs, but that might not be enough if you want total privacy.

  • Privacy lattice

Regular fences might not be enough to give privacy as they can be see-through or too short for your liking. This is where you can choose to use a wooded lattice that is attached to the top edges. It’s decorative and as long as it’s on your side of the fence, it’s your responsibility to keep maintained. Lattice is great when you add creeping ivy along the edge, but this does require ongoing upkeep. Be kind and your neighbor won’t mind.

  • Tall shrubs

These can be potted shrubs that stretch along the fence, what makes this more ideal is that they are self-contained in decorative pots. You can adjust the height of the tall shrubs by placing them on benches or raised crates. As they grow taller, you can place them on the ground instead. This natural privacy also needs to be pruned through the seasons, though these look incredible with little decorative light running through them.

  • Decorative fence trellis

Do you know what a trellis is? This is a decorative trim that’s adorned on top of a fence. Sometimes they are gazebo-like structures that are stand-alone privacy fences. Google the name to find a style that gives your backyard more privacy and style. If you can buy a ready-made kit or have one built by a friendly carpenter is up to you. The more elaborate your trellis is, gives your backyard higher elegance and decorative touches.

2) Have great mood lighting

Outdoor light is a great addition to create the right mood, and sets-up the atmosphere you want to express. Before you start any kind of decorating, lighting is going to be the most important starting task. Plug-in lights are fine but check to see what the IP rating is. This ensures that wet weather isn’t going to ruin your lights. There is IP 65, 66, and 67, and all are water-resistant up to a point. The higher the rating, the better-protected lights will be.

If you want to add more interest to your party or event, consider color-changing LED lights. These can be adjusted using a smartphone app and add brilliance to any outdoor gathering.

3) Be bug and critter free

Every backyard is different, but if you have bug or critter problems, you want to keep them from spoiling your party. Bring out the natural products like citronella candles or bio-friendly citrus sprays. Small flying bugs hate this stuff. Another great tip is to not use incandescent lights. Use LED lights that are low in emitting UV light. Anything in the 3000 Kelvin range is good, higher Kelvin seems to attract more bugs.

Don’t forget to selectively hide mice traps or eco-friendly hedgehog traps so they can be released later.

4) Be creative for controlling sound

Just like Disney Imagineers plan on their dark rides, you never see there a speaker is hidden. The secret is finding an object where an outdoor speaker can be stashed. If there is at least 70% of the space in front of the object where sound can come thru, this is perfect. Stash WiFi speakers inside crates, boxes, decorative containers, or baskets. As long as they aren’t seen, you can create all sorts of mood soundscapes or music mixes.

5) Have a rotation of seasonal design ideas

Don’t settle for the same decorations all-through the year, have something new to present each time you have friends over. Themes of the seasons and holiday can play a vital role, but it’s up to your sense of creativity. If you like Tiki party themes or Pirate coves, you’ll have some ideas of your own. Find a box that everything can fit into for each theme, so these can be stored in a safe place. This way you also reduce the chances of built-up clutter.


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